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FOX66 TV Commercial

Here is our most recent commercial that has hit the airwaves.

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Owner description and vision

This is who we are:

The Family

Chris (Dad) - You'll typically talk to Chris when you call.  He will answer any questions and book your event.  He is one of the event/party hosts and is responsible for most of the day to day business duties.  Favorite game is Blur and Rocket League.  Bring it on!

Jen (Mom) - Not only the prettiest face on the crew, she helps with phone calls, cleaning and assists the crew during our public events.  Favorite games are Ticket to Ride and Overcooked.

Kyle (Kid 1) - He helps out with some of our busiest events.  Since he's the most talkative, we like to put him on the front lines, answering customer questions at our public events.  Favorite Games are GTA and FIFA.

Matt (Kid 2) - AKA "The Enforcer" - Our public events require us to rotate people, due to the demand.  When your time is up, The Enforcer will let you know.  Favorite games are FIFA and APEX.

Chloe (Kid 3) - You'll find her dancing up a storm on the outside screens.  Challenge her to a dance-off, if you dare!  Favorite games are Just Dance, Fortnite and Minecraft

The Family Wannabe's

Dalton(aka Red) - Our most senior member of the crew, outside of the family and easily recognizable by the big red beard.  You'll find him hosting many of our video game parties.  He's great with the kids and promotes a fun, upbeat party atmosphere.  Favorite games are Smite, PUBG and ARK: Survival Evolved.

Trey - With several years experience, he's developed a well-rounded skillset.  During the week he's helping to keep the office organized and our trailers in tip-top shape.  On weekends, he's helping to give our customers the best experience possible.  He's got a great personality and has fun challenging the kids, at their favorite games.  His favorite game is Super Smash Bros.

Lance - Don't let his WWE build and appearance, fool you.  He's more like a giant teddy bear.  The kids love him, because he likes to join the party with them, while making sure that everyone gets involved.  I'd recommend the fist bump, cuz his grip may make you shed a tear. Favorite game is Spiderman.


This is what we do:

2010 - We checked around and nobody had a premier video game business in the state.  Michigan video gamers didn't have any options for a Mobile Video Game Party, so we set out to fix that problem.

2011 - After a year's worth of planning, we hit the streets with our 38ft mobile video game truck and haven't looked back.

2018 - Started service with our second video game trailer

We are a Michigan-based business that is family owned.

We strive to provide an entertainment experience that our customers will appreciate and it is our intention to give you a professional party experience that can't be compared.

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